EDS is a Brazilian non-profit organization created in 2003 by a group of volunteer doctors. Its main objective is to provide medical care, mainly surgical, to geographically isolated populations of the Brazilian Legal Amazon region.

Through the “Operating in the Amazon” program we offer services complementary to the already existing indigenous health care programs. The project carries out three expeditions per year with the intent of avoiding the relocation of patients and their families to urban centers, which can be costly and traumatic.

The largest number of surgeries accrues from the specialties of ophthalmology and general surgery. However, pediatric, orthopedic and gynecological surgeries of medium complexity are also offered. Complementary to this work, the team carries out medical consultations of various specialties, such as ophthalmology, general practice, pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics and dentistry.

Close to completing 15 years of service, EDS has served a demographic area the size of France since its foundation. During the course of 40 expeditions, our team has been responsible for 7.457 surgeries, 51.747 consultations and an average of 5,000 exams and procedures per expedition. All services are offered free of charge. In addition to its volunteer doctors, EDS counts on the support of other professionals and institutions in order to make its program viable. The sponsorship of companies, individuals and socially responsible institutions is also essential for the continuity of our work.


Occasionally a group of friends, mostly doctors, organized hiking trips in the outdoors. In the year of 2002, when the group visited Pico da Neblina Mountain, in the state of Amazonas, they had the opportunity of visiting a Yanomami indigenous village.

Astonished with a reality much different from the one they knew, the group decided to change the focus of their travels and try to do something for the indigenous population of the region. To better understand how medical services worked in the region, they sought out the institutions responsible for local health care in order to plan an effective participation. Thus, in 2003, the EDS Association was officially structured.

Since then, the initial hiking trips have turned into medical expeditions to indigenous communities in the Amazon, giving rise to the “Operating in the Amazon” Program.


The group’s distinctiveness lies in the use of a modern Mobile Surgical Center which enables the organization to bring surgical care to remote and geographically isolated locations. With each new expedition of the project “Operating in the Amazon”, 15 tons of equipment, medical supplies and medication are transported from Campinas, inland of Sao Paulo, to the most distant regions of the Legal Amazon. In order to makes this possible, EDS has developed an innovative and unique technology in the field of public health.


In 2016, EDS volunteer engineers invested resources in the development and application of new technologies that made our Mobile Surgical Center even more efficient. The new project, formed by inflatable tents, facilitated and expedited the assembly and disassembly of the Surgical Center and also added concepts that minimize contamination and increase the efficiency of the surgical environment. In addition also enabling modular transport of the cargo and drastically reducing its total weight, the new Surgical Center has greater thermal efficiency due to its double-layered walls and its metallic outer canvas, which reflects most of the intense heat of the equatorial region.


The New Mobile Surgical Center consists of an ophthalmic operating room, a general operating room, a small procedures room, a lounging area for doctors, a waiting room for patients, a locker room and a Utensils and Sterilization Center (USC). The Surgical Center is also equipped with state-of-the-art medical appliances such as phacoemulsifiers, electrocauteries, multiparametric vital signs monitors, portable ultrasound, air conditioners with EPA filters, as well as autoclaves, water distillers, ultrasonic washers, sealers and biological testing of the USC. All energy consumed in the Surgical Center’s interior is provided by a group of generators, which total 100kva.


The main goal of this new technology is to reach the most difficult areas in the Amazon, logistically speaking, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of patients and the excellence in the quality of services provided by the EDS team.



Offer specialized medical care, mainly surgical, to indigenous populations that live in geographically isolated regions with excelence in quality service and responsible management.


Create a reference model of specialized medical care for geographically isolated populations.


Executive Directors:


Ricardo Affonso Ferreira (President): orthapedic doctor of the Affonso Ferreira Institute and member of the clinical staff of the Campinas Medical Center. He is one of the founders of the organization, chief of Expeditions and resposible for articulations between EDS and partner institutions. Volunteer since 2003.
Martin Affonso Ferreira (Vice-President): anaesthesiologist doctor, member of the clinical staff of the Campinas Medical Center and Santa Sofia Hospital. He is one of the founders of the organization, chief of the Mobile Surgical Center and Anaesthesiology Coordinator during Expeditions. Volunteer since 2003.

Associates in the category Permanent Couselors:


Francisco Artur Queiroz Mais: ophthalmologist doctor, member of the clinical staff of the Campinas Medical Center. He is one of the founders and counselors in the ophthalmology area. Volunteer since 2003.
Armando Pimentel: Commercial Director of International Paper Packaging Division. He is one of the founders and counselors of the organization. Volunteer since 2003.
Scott Alan Ashby: business owner and one of the founders and counselors of the organization. Volunteer since 2003.
Artur Udelsmann: doctor, lawyer and professor in the Department of Anaesthesiology of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (UNICAMP). He is one of the counselors of the organization and a volunteer since 2005.
André Leite Carvalhaes  business owner and one of the counselors of the organization, he is responsable for the area of Nutrition in Expeditions. Volunteer since 2005.
Guilherme Augusto Ciaco de Carvalho: anaesthesiologist doctor, specialist in Chronic and one of the counselors of the organization. Volunteer since 2007.
Silvana Maria Nader: public relations specialized in marketing, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Partner-director of Mendes & Nader Communication and Social Responsability. She is one of the counselors and communication of the organization . Volunteer since 2008.
José Eduardo Cruz Ferreira: dentist, one of the counselors and Odontology Coordinator of the organization. Volunteer since 2010.
Fabio Paganini Pereira da Costa: doctor specialist in plastic surgery, responsible for the breast reconstruction service of the Oncology Institute of Santa Paula Hospital, General Surgery Coordinator in Expeditions and responsible for selection and enrollment of the medical staff. Volunteer since 2010.



Márcia Abdala (General Coordinator): pedagogue, responsible for general and institutional coordination of the organization and Expedition logistics. Volunteer since 2006 and employee since 2011.
Genário Kanashiro Filho (Nursing Coordinator): logistics nurse, responsible organizing and managing stock supply of medical and logistics equipment, responsible for the training and qualification in the nursing area and patient triage. Responsible for the assembly of the Hospital Complex during Expeditions. Volunteer since 2012 and employee since 2015.
Mona Luisa Sabongi: nurse, responsible for planning, controlling, organizing and managing medical stock supply, responsible for the assembly and validation of the sterilization and disinfecting process held in the MSC (Materials Sterilization Center) during Expeditions. Volunteer since 2013 and employee since 2017.
Maria Inês Soares de Oliveira (Financial Manager): economist, responsible for financial area and accountings of the organization. Employee since 2011.


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