Brazilian Health Expeditionary

In addition to the volunteer doctors, EDS relies on the support of other professionals and institutions that help make its project possible.

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Executive Board of Directors

Dr. Affonso Ferreira is an orthopedic doctor and one of the founders of EDS. He is the leader of many of the EDS expeditions and is also responsible for the establishment of and collaboration with partner institutions. Alongside his work at the NGO, Mr. Affonso Ferreira acts as a practitioner at the Affonso Ferreira Institute and is a member of the clinical staff at the Campinas Medical Center.

Ricardo Affonso Ferreira

President. Volunteer since 2003

Dr. Paganini is a plastic surgeon responsible for the breast reconstruction service at the Santa Paula Oncology Hospital (IOHSP). During the expeditions, he takes part in the coordination of the general surgery area and oversees selecting the medical team.

Fabio Paganini Pereira da Costa

Vice-President. Volunteer since 2010

Mrs. Abdala is a pedagogue and is responsible for the general and institutional coordination of the organization and for the management and logistics of the expeditions.

Márcia Abdala

Administrative and financial director. Volunteer since 2006; employee since 2011

Dr. Campos is an ophthalmologist, an associate professor at Unifesp University, a researcher at CNPq. He is the coordinator of the ophthalmological center at EDS. He  has been active in the area of Community Ophthalmology since the early 1990s.

Mauro Silveira Queiroz Campos

Medical Director. Volunteer since 2015

Mr. Damha Filho is a lawyer who graduated at PUC-Campinas Law School and has specialized in Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law. He has acted in Magistrature, Public Ministry, Private Law Practice and Multinationals during his professional career. Mr. Damha is also the founder of Damha Filho Law Office.

Fernando Damha Filho

Legal Director

Board of Auditors

Mrs. Ceglia is the Tax Area Leader at Damha Filho Law Firm. She has a specialist degree in tax law from PUC SP and an MBA in tax management.

Kátia Paiva Ribeiro Ceglia

Tax Advisor

Mr. Inocêncio is the Director of Finance and Culture at Epharma. AMP by INSEAD, specialized in General Management from Kellog School of Management, MBA from IBMEC-SP and Master and Bachelor in Business Administration from PUC SP. He is also the co-founder of Pypou.

Marcos Inocêncio

Fiscal Councilor

Dr. Barbosa is an ophthalmologist and physician who graduated from the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC. He is Co-Founder and Technical Director of Eye Hospital Group and CEO at Verter Institute.

Eduardo Barbosa

Fiscal Counselor

Advisory Board

Dr. Barbosa is an ophthalmologist and physician who graduated from the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC. He is co-founder and technical director of Eye Hospital Group and CEO at Verter Institute.

Sérgio de Cerqueira Leite

Fiscal Counselor

Air Officer, Systems Analyst, Master in Applied Computing and responsible for Operations and Logistics planning in expeditions.

Luís Francisco de Macedo

Advisory Board Member. Volunteer since 2009

A doctor specializing in vascular surgery and acupuncture graduated from the University of São Paulo. She is a full member of the clinical staff of Santa Catarina Hospital.

Roberta Murasaki Cardoso

Advisory Board Member. Volunteer since 2007


Publicity and Public Relations Manager, Mr. Moraes is responsible for the Marketing and Communication department and oversees relationships with national and international sponsors. On expeditions, he gives support to the IT area.

Marcelo Lopes de Moraes

Marketing and Communication Coordinator. Employee since 2017

Mr. Kanashiro Filho is a nurse, responsible for hospital equipment stock management and logistics. He is also chief operation officer and responsible for patient triage and setting up the Hospital Complex during the expeditions.

Genário Kanashiro Filho

Logistics Coordinator. Volunteer since 2012; employee since 2015

Mrs. Silva is a nurse responsible for managing supplies, medications, and hospital stock control at the Campinas Distribution Center. In addition to heading the surgery teams during the expeditions, she is also responsible for selecting and training the volunteer nursing teams.

Elaine Silva

Nursing Coordinator. Volunteer since 2018; employee since 2022

Mr. Botelho has a degree in Philosophy and is responsible for project management and national and international fundraising.

Manoel Botelho

Project Manager. Employee since 2021

Economist, Mrs. de Oliveira, is responsible for the financial and accounting areas of the organization.

Maria Inês Soares de Oliveira

Finance Manager. Employee since 2011

Mr. Pignati is responsible for supervising the Campinas Distribution Center. On shipments, he provides support to the head of operations.

Flávio Pignati

Logistics Supervisor. Employee since 2021

Mr. Camisao, nurse, provides support for the demands of the Campinas Distribution Center.

Kaio Camisao

Logistics Assistant - Campinas. Employee since 2020

Mr. Caldas provides support for logistical demands in the field.

Edson Caldas

Logistics Assistant, North Region. Volunteer since 2007; employee since 2020

Benevolent Associates

Anesthesiologist on the clinical staff of Santa Sofia Hospital and Centro Médico de Campinas Hospital. The expeditions’ Chief of the Mobile Surgical Center and Anesthesiology Area Coordinator.

Martin Affonso Ferreira

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2003

Ophthalmologist member of the Hospitais Centro Médico de Campinas clinical team. He established the field of ophthalmology.

Francisco Artur Queiroz Mais

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2003

One of the founders of EDS and the Commercial Director of the International Paper Packaging Division.

Armando Pimentel

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2003

Entrepreneur and a member of the EDS founding team.

Scott Alan Ashby

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2003

Public relations expert in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and marketing. Director of Mendes & Nader Communication and Social Responsibility.

Silvana Maria Nader

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2008

Dentist and EDS dental department coordinator.

José Eduardo Cruz Ferreira

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2010

Physician, lawyer, and professor at the UNICAMP Medical Sciences Faculty’s Anesthesiology Department.

Artur Udelsmann

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2005

Entrepreneur who has overseen Volunteer Expeditions’ nutrition department since 2005.

André Leite Carvalhaes

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2005

Anesthesiologist, specialized in chronic pain.

Guilherme Augusto Ciaco de Carvalho

Associate Benemeritus. Volunteer since 2007

Dignity and health for the indigenous community

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